Canadian Corporation Collaborates in Style With Custom Window Graphics

August 08, 2022


E-2100 ZC is a scratch-resistant, clean room made optically clear polyester window film. Using a UV inkjet printer, this Canadian office customized these printable window graphics for installation on the glass walls of their collaboration rooms.

Form, Function, and Style With Custom Window Graphics

These multipurpose window graphics not only offer clear identification of each room’s number and purpose, but the sleek and colorful design adds decoration to an otherwise unexciting, gray office space. By using the company’s signature purple color and standard font, the tenants in this office space were able to incorporate branding as a function of these graphics.

LINTEC’s digital window graphics also offer individuals who meet in these collaboration rooms a greater level of privacy than they would be able to achieve with plain glass walls—but without compromising the open office feeling that glass walls invoke.

Printed on one single sheet per wall, these incredible graphics are perfectly optically clear where there’s no ink, lending the appearance that the text is printed directly onto the glass. The durable scratch-resistant quality of E-2100 ZC polyester window films protects the glass from abrasions and smudges.

Should the company renting this office space or the landlord who owns it ever desire to switch out the graphics on this glass, the removal process is straightforward and low-effort; when removal is executed correctly, these window films leave no adhesive residue behind on the glass, allowing it to remain in pristine condition all the way from installation to removal.

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