Climate Pro Installs Decorative Window Films for Lattice

March 03, 2023

Climate Pro Installs Decorative Window Films for Lattice

The modern office space is much more dynamic and creative than in years past. Many forward-thinking companies recognize the value of combining form and function everywhere within the office, from the decor to the walls. For offices that have glass partitions or rooms, businesses want to utilize this surface to be both practical and eye-catching.

Lattice Took the Dive Into Decorative Window Films

Such was the case for B2B company Lattice. Based in San Francisco, Lattice is a modern, data-driven software company that aims to help companies listen to their employees. It makes sense that the brand would want to implement that same methodology into its own inner workings. Here's how VisualPro, Climate Pro, and LINTEC of America worked together to support Lattice in achieving its vision.

The Objective

The Objective

Lattice wanted a striking translucent window film for its indoor offices and meeting rooms. This printable window film would serve two primary purposes - to help employees identify the right room based on its coloration and name, as well as infuse some decorative design elements into the office.

The Objective2

There was also a third objective - privacy. However, not all rooms needed total privacy, so Lattice wanted unique decorative window films that could also showcase the company culture. For example, one room had mountains and a hiker to illustrate the company's willingness to climb mountains and overcome obstacles for its clients.

The Process

The Process

For a project of this scope, multiple companies had to collaborate and work together to bring Lattice's vision to life. This particular project involved three entities:

  • VisualPro — This graphic design firm has worked with many Silicon Valley companies to help them stand out with striking visual elements. From promotional material to interior design, VisualPro had the necessary chops to turn Lattice's idea into a fleshed-out reality.
  • ClimatePro — Designing a printable window film is one thing, but installing it is another. When working with such large pieces, the installation process can be tricky and time-consuming. So, ClimatePro was called in to assess the size constraints of the offices and print decorative window films accordingly.
  • LINTEC of America — If you want the best results, you need to use the best materials. LINTEC of America offers multiple high-quality printable window films. What sets our material apart is that it's durable, scratch-resistant, customizable, and long-lasting. Climate Pro knew how well our film would work for this project, which is why they contacted us to be the supplier.

The Process2

From manufacturing to design to installation, the results speak for themselves. Lattice was thrilled with the films, and their office spaces have never looked better. Not only do the colorful designs make it easier for employees to find where they're going, but they're also excellent promotional materials for clients visiting the office.

The Process3

If you're interested in seeing how our printable window film can work for your next project, get a free swatch book from us today.

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