International Company Revitalizes Reception With Frosted Films

August 08, 2022


An international company headquartered in the Boston area elected to decorate the glass in their reception area with one of LINTEC’s most popular digital window graphics. They chose this design because they wanted it to reflect their global reach and included the frosting effect so that staff behind the glass would be granted privacy from visitors in the reception area.

Stunning World Backdrop on E-2100 ZC Frosted Film

This window graphic was created using LINTEC’s E-2100 ZC, which is an optically clear scratch resistant polyester window film. The frosted design was printed on the customizable film using the updated printing technology of an EFI UV inkjet printer.

Because of the quality of the film, printer, and installation, this global corporation was able to achieve a high-end frosted glass look with just a film rather than a glass treatment. Even though it looks as if the frosting is part of the glass itself, these window films are able to be removed so that a new design can be seamlessly installed should the company ever want to change up their branding or office décor.

With this custom window film, this Boston-based company was able to install a beautiful design in their office that reflects their branding and offers privacy for the comfort of their staff. This multipurpose design was able to achieve a variety of purposes and will last for years to come.

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