Mini Case Study: Office Graphics on UV Ink Jet Printer

February 02, 2024

DWG uv ink print case study

Considering how much time employees and clients spend in the office, decorative options and color schemes can make a big impact. However, most modern office spaces utilize a lot of glass to make them feel more open, inviting, and naturally bright.

Digital Window Graphics can offer you a selection of the best film products to upgrade your office window graphics. We've helped many clients over the years to find the right decorative solutions for their offices, incorporating various imagery and graphics — like this job we completed in Canada.

How LINTEC Film Helps With Office Window Graphics

The Request

Digital Window Graphics heard from a Canadian client who wanted bold yet simple colored wording on their break-out rooms. The goal was two-tiered. First, the client wanted the graphics to indicate the room's purpose and have a numbering system to make it easier for employees to find the right room. Second, the client wanted bright colors that captured attention without overwhelming the space.

The Process

For this job, we knew that using a UV inkjet printer would be the best option because UV-cured ink dries faster and is easier to work with. We also decided to use scratch-resistant film for this project. This way, the client wouldn't have to worry about scratches during installation, and the film would look incredible even years later (as it does today). Not only does the film resist scratches and other blemishes, but it retains the best coloration and won't yellow over time.

The Result

As you can see, the break-out room graphics came out incredibly well. They're easy to read from a distance, and they don't overwhelm the senses. Each room is clearly marked, and the simple font choice helped reinforce the brand's corporate culture of simplicity and efficiency. Even more than six years later, the graphics look as good as when they were installed.

Upgrade Your Office Graphics With LINTEC Scratch-Resistant Film

While this job involves muted colors and text, Digital Window Graphics can create any imagery for your office space on a wide variety of film products. We can even do designs in frosted glass, allowing for better light transmission while adding a splash of whimsy or elegance to the space.

Even if you're not interested in adding colored designs to your glass windows and partitions, we also offer standard frosted glass for privacy in the Mistlass product line.

If you're ready to upgrade your office window graphics, contact us today. We can also send you a free swatch book so you can see all the different options up close for yourself.

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