Mini Case Study: Restaurant Window Coverings

January 01, 2024

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For most customers, dining in a restaurant is as much about the atmosphere and decor as it is about the food. So, owners and operators need to come up with creative ways to enhance the dining experience with visually stunning elements.

While posters and traditional decorations can work well, they can also be hard to clean and maintain. One restaurant decided a better option was to use digital window graphics instead.

In this use case, the restaurateur wanted to add some natural elements to their business. The result is the illusion of full-sized trees growing in the lobby. These trees not only add some flair to the space, but they also make the restaurant feel secluded and exclusive like you're dining in the middle of a hidden forest.

Best of all, unlike real trees, these window graphics don't need regular watering, nor will they create a mess by shedding leaves or attracting pollinators and other insects. This way, the restaurant gets the beauty of nature but without the added upkeep costs.

Based on this case study, it's easy to see how other restaurants can enhance their interior spaces with digital window graphics. LINTEC of America makes it easy to print a wide array of designs, either in full color or as a frosted glass design. The possibilities are endless, and because the film is easy to apply and remove, a restaurant can change its background regularly if it likes.

For example, digital window graphics can highlight top-selling menu items with striking imagery that highlights every delicious bite. Similarly, a restaurant window covering can help enhance the atmosphere with imagery of landscapes, cityscapes, or cultural elements related to the cuisine. This way, guests can feel like they're dining in style.

If you're interested in designing and printing a restaurant window graphic for your business, contact our team and we can get started!

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