Nature-Themed Frosted Window Graphics Promote Privacy in Hospital

November 11, 2022

frosted window graphics

Hospital Residents Wowed By Frosted Nature Imagery

This frosted dragonfly image is part of a series of nature-themed window graphics installed in a major metropolitan hospital in New England. The graphics, each displaying different wildlife, were applied to glass office walls and the exam rooms’ sliding glass doors.

This metropolitan hospital wanted to offset the cold, sterile feelings many patients report experiencing during a hospital visit. To support patient comfort and privacy, the hospital took advantage of this digitally printed frosted effect. Patients can now wait in their exam rooms without being seen by every passerby.

Because the graphics were printed on one sheet per surface, their flawless installation creates the illusion that the dragonfly and other designs are printed directly onto the glass. Printing technology advancements have allowed for these white frosted window graphics to become popular as an alternative to actual frosted glass.

The nature motif and frosting details were printed using a UV Inkjet printer onto our E2100 scratch resistant window films. These films are class A rated fire-retardant and scratch resistant, so even in the hospital setting, the durable window graphics will be perfectly preserved.

To learn more about LINTEC’s printable window films, you can contact our team.

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