New Window Graphics for Popular Entertainment Offices

February 02, 2023

New Hi Definition Top Coated Window Graphics for Popular Entertainment Offices

For a long time, modern office spaces were nothing but an endless sea of gray, beige, and other neutral tones accented with harsh lighting and stale carpeting. Fortunately, modern offices are much more open and welcoming, with a diverse color palette and decor options. Many businesses are also looking into customized digital window graphics to help them accentuate glass doors and partitions.

Streaming Service Styles Office With Window Graphics

One streaming service recently deployed such graphics from LINTEC of America in its offices, and the results are stunning. Let's look at what it took to make this modern office look its best.

top coated window graphics

The Who

Streaming is all the rage these days, but just a handful of companies still dominate the entire industry. It's almost hard to remember the days of renting VHS tapes at brick-and-mortar stores and requesting DVDs by mail, but a modern streamer leads by example as a role model for other brands in the space.

The corporate offices of this popular streaming service were looking a bit plain, but the folks in charge didn't want anything too flashy or distracting. So, they settled on a gradient-style privacy film, with frosted glass on the bottom and clear glass on top. This kind of job is our specialty, and LINTEC of America was able to manufacture exactly what the streamer wanted.

New Hi Definition Top Coated Window Graphics for Popular Entertainment Offices 3

The What

This client decided on our UV curable film, which offers excellent ease of use and rugged scratch resistance. Whenever window graphics are deployed in an office setting, they can get dinged and scratched by chairs, bags, and any other items that may rub against the glass. So, having such dependable window film means this client can enjoy the frosted glass for years to come.

The application process is also super simple and didn't take long to finish. In fact, the company barely saw any disruption to its operations during the installation. The film was deployed only in a small section of the office, but it immediately transformed the entire atmosphere of the space.

It's also important to note that LINTEC of America has multiple variations of this UV-curable film, with different thicknesses and UV blocking. While this client didn't use the film in areas that see sunlight, our film can absorb UV rays, all with minimal degradation over time.

top coated window graphics

The Results

With so many individual glass panes involved, the results are stunning in their precision and cohesion. The entire space looks modern and yet maintains a somewhat otherworldly vibe - like a mysterious permanent fog has taken over the entire office.

As you can see, the privacy element of this film is also on full display, as seated guests and workers are obscured from view without making the entire space feel blocked off or isolated.

If you're interested in seeing how our digital window graphics can work in your office space, contact us today or get your free swatch book. This way, you can see all of our window film options in one place.

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