One Easy Way for Hospitals to Boost Patient Comfort and Satisfaction

January 01, 2022

Glass doors featured frosted window graphics and window films

In healthcare, patient comfort is a critical but often overlooked consideration. Hospitals and doctors’ offices frequently have an impersonal feeling. While this cold, sterile type of environment is conducive to the practice of medicine, it’s off-putting to patients. Many healthcare facilities have been looking for ways to create a medical environment in which patients feel at ease.

Create Ambience With LINTEC Window Graphics

This healthcare provider found a functional yet beautiful way to add both privacy and personality to their facility when they opted to decorate using some of LINTEC’s graphic window films. The films are available either pre-frosted or clear to make your own frost. In this use case, the healthcare provider opted for clear window graphics with their own frosted design. 

These fire-retardant window graphics ensure that patients, doctors, and nurses in these prep and exam rooms won’t be visible to passersby, nor will passersby be visible to them. Even though the rooms have glass doors, patients are offered total privacy.

These multipurpose frosted window films have been printed with designs following a nature motif. The door to each room has a different leaf design printed on its film, so the graphics not only provide privacy, but boost aesthetics as well. Fittingly for this nature theme, LINTEC’s frosted window films are eco-friendly. Some of our products are made of 80% recycled material and look no different than their non-recycled polyester-based counterparts.

A hospital door with a leaf design on its window graphic

This healthcare provider also chose to wrap a third purpose into their frosted window graphics by printing each one with a room number. With this efficient design choice, the facility was able to offer patients the private, comfortable feel they want while labeling their rooms in an aesthetically consistent manner.

Patient comfort in a medical setting can influence the perception of the quality of their healthcare provider, and some of their top suggestions for improvement are increased privacy and a more welcoming and visually appealing environment. By choosing to use frosted and printed window graphics throughout their facility, this healthcare provider has taken a great step towards enhancing their patient experience.

If your hospital is looking for an innovative way to improve privacy and boost patient comfort, reach out to our team of experts about digital window graphics today.

A glass door with a frosted window graphic

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