Pharmaceutical Brand Refreshes Office Design With LINTEC

March 03, 2024

LINTEC window films give end users the opportunity to decorate their environments while enjoying an array of product benefits, including printability, scratch resistance, optical clarity, and UV light blocking. A prominent pharmaceutical firm applied these advantages of our digital window graphics to glass partitions and walls throughout their office space in a stunning refresh project.

Facelift For Pharmaceutical Office With Digital Window Graphics

Businesses choose to use our digital window graphics in their workplaces for varying purposes, from branding to decoration and privacy. Collaborating with one of LINTEC’s printing partners, this pharmaceutical company had their selected designs printed on single clear sheets per wall. 

With this installation method, the company was able to achieve the impression that the design was directly printed onto the glass itself. Should they decide to update their interior design or relocate offices in the future, they can also easily remove their window graphics with minimal effort and no damage to the pre-existing glass.

LINTEC offers an extensive product line of window films with different properties and benefits to meet the unique needs of each and every use case. This pharmaceutical brand opted for our E-2100ZC film, which is a scratch-resistant polyester window film that is both optically clear and compatible with the latest UV inkjet printing technology.

By installing LINTEC’s printable window graphics throughout their office space, this company was able to effortlessly elevate the interior design of their workplace without investing in costly etched or sandblasted glass.

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