Recycled Window Graphics Create Aesthetic Continuity in Bicycle Shop

October 10, 2022

bike shop recycled window graphics

Shop Adds Personality to Window Glass With LINTEC

This small bicycle shop had a unique dot and dash pattern painted on their store and office walls that they wanted to not only mirror, but continue, on their glass divider. As you can see in the image above, the dots and lines on the glass line up with the markings on the wall behind them to offer a seamlessly cohesive appearance. This allows the bicycle shop to preserve their aesthetics and branding rather than allowing the glass divider to disrupt them.

Working with one of our digital printing partners, the bicycle shop was able to use LINTEC’s digital window film ECO 2000ZC. ECO 2000ZC is a perfectly optically clear polyester window film made of 80% recycled materials. It’s compatible with all the latest UV InkJet technology and available in 54” and 61”.

The graphic was printed on one roll and shipped to the customer for installation. Because of this, the graphic’s flawless installation lends the appearance of the dots and dashes being printed directly onto the glass itself. These window films have incredible longevity once applied, making them a great value. However, after use they can be removed to preserve the glass. The bicycle shop will be able to keep their graphics up for years to come if they so choose—when they decide to refresh their branding, they’ll have the ability to take the window graphics down with ease.

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