3 Ways Window Graphics Have Become Greener

February 02, 2022

Window graphics are known primarily for their decorative and privacy applications. What many people don’t know is there is a new optically clear window graphic material comprised of 80% recycled content.

Energy Efficient

Glass architecture has been a popular style in the world of design for a while now, and while the sleek look is fantastic, entirely glass spaces pose some practical concerns. It’s very easy for heat from sunlight to travel through glass. Glass can also magnify heat from the sun. This can require extensive artificial temperature regulation from air conditioning machines and systems.

However, using air conditioners has a strong negative environmental impact. Applying window graphics to glass walls and oversized windows can help to regulate the temperature in all-glass spaces. By applying window graphics to these large glass surfaces, you can limit the amount of heat traveling into the building and, consequently, minimize waste and promote energy efficiency.


Lintec Digital Window Graphics offers an optically clear window film made from 80% recycled plastic water bottles. Recycled materials, including window graphics, can help projects attain LEED points.

Recycled Polyester Films

This is Lintec’s first recycled polyester window film. It’s the only printable recycled window film that’s currently on the market, and it’s offered at the same price point as our non-eco films—because sustainability shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive. The recycled polyester films are compatible with the latest UV printing technology and just as optically clear as their standard counterparts, so you don’t sacrifice any quality when you choose a recycled film. They also take 40% less energy to produce than non-recycled window graphics, making them a sustainable choice all around.

Educational Uses

Window graphics can also be used as an educational or informational tool to promote environmental causes. Because window graphics are printable, they can display any images or messages you’d like. For example, a large glass wall in a school might be printed with easily digestible information about conservation meant to inform students. In a retail or food service setting, a window graphic can be an attention-grabbing way to inform customers of correct recycling practices.

If you’re interested in promoting environmentally friendly practices using window graphics, get in touch with us today!

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