Create Eco-Friendly Designs in Style With Recycled Window Graphics

March 03, 2022

A frosted eco-friendly window graphic

This graphic is an exceptional case study in the quality of Lintec’s eco-friendly window graphics. This recycled polyester window film is made using 80% recycled materials. Often when people think of products made from recycled materials, they expect a muddiness that impedes the product from meeting the same quality standards as its less eco-friendly counterparts.

These window films, however, are perfectly optically clear. They are also completely compatible with the latest UV Inkjet printing technology, so they’re just as versatile and customizable from a design perspective as any other window graphic would be.

Lintec is a values-driven company; environmentalism and accessibility are some of our defining principles. This is why we not only offer these eco-friendly window films that require 40% less energy to produce than other window graphics, but offer them at the same affordable price point as all our other products.

Quality and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Attain LEED points and give your designs a unique flair by incorporating Lintec’s recycled polyester window graphics. Explore the versatility of recycled window films and learn more about how Lintec can help you make your projects greener by getting in touch with our team of window graphic experts.

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