6 Inspirational Office Decor Ideas

November 11, 2018

inspirational wall decor

More often than not, the workplace is almost a home-away-from-home. You spend more time there than just about anywhere else, but when your office’s decor is lacking in creativity or inspired design, it can put a damper on your own productivity and creativity.

Thankfully, when you adopt some of the following office decor inspirations, you can transform your workplace into an environment that people not only enjoy working in but are actually motivated to work harder and better in.

Highlight Your Mission Statement

A simple yet effective way to promote office productivity is by finding a clever, visually pleasing way to highlight your mission statement in your office’s decorative aesthetic. Finding ways to incorporate your mission statement or core company beliefs into the surrounding decor can be a great way to showcase your company’s culture and values while also subtly encouraging your staff to continually carry them out in their day-to-day routine.

Paint With the Right Colors

This is one of the most effective ways to promote an inspirational office aesthetic. The right paint colors can be a subtle tool in promoting a positive, encouraging, and productive work environment. The wrong paint colors, however, can actively inhibit your staff and make their work feel needlessly drab.

Painting is also relatively cheap, so if you’re looking for a way to reenergize your office’s decor, then this will be your best bet. Homeowners and office managers across the country are recognizing the value in yellows, greens, light purples, and blues, as these light and breezy colors can go a long way towards helping your space feel energized and vibrant.

How Digital Window Graphics Can Help Revitalize Your Office Culture

Introduce Some Office Plants

Plants and greenery are just pleasant to have around. They look good, they often smell good, and as multiple studies have shown, they’ll even improve people’s mood, concentration, productivity, and memory. Including a collection of flower pots and plant life—like spider plants, bamboo plants, and Boston ferns, which are known to help filter and freshen the air—can be a simple and cost-effective way to increase morale and quality of life in and out of the office.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Good lighting is one of the most important things you can do to improve your office environment. Even if you fill your office with the best decor, the most modern furniture, and the best paint colors, a lack of natural lighting will sap the place dry of energy.

Psychology Today explains how, when compared to workers in offices that lack windows and natural light, “those with windows in the workplace received 173 percent more white light exposure during work hours and slept an average of 46 minutes more per night.” That’s an impressive quality-of-life improvement and is just one example of how motivating sunlight can be in a workplace.

Use Decorative Window Films

Window films can come in all manner of designs, shapes, and sizes, and when included in an office space can add a splash of vibrancy and energy into the workplace. The opportunities for customizability are just about endless, and with LINTEC Digital Window Graphics, you can add a unique and exciting design to any office window or glass surface in your workspace.

Hang Artwork

Finally, hanging artwork on the walls of your office is another simple and effective way to add a boost of inspiration and vibrancy to your office decor. There’s an endless variety of artwork to choose from, so it’s entirely up to you to find pieces that can add to and improve your existing aesthetic.

Artwork can make your office feel more diverse, thoughtful, and interesting when used right. You don’t want to clutter the walls with disjointed artwork and frames, but some carefully selected photos, eye-catching art pieces, or even simple inspirational phrases can all go a long way towards taking a traditional workspace and turning it into something inspiring, unique, and creatively motivating.

How Digital Window Graphics Can Help Revitalize Your Office Culture

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