Why the Removability of Printed Window Graphics is Important

September 09, 2017

Removable ptinted window graphics on a cosmetics storefront

Removable printed window graphics are a powerful way to make a statement in the short-term. They’re often used for promotional purposes and for advertising campaigns in retail settings, but they have broad applications. While the quality of a print is immensely important, ease of removal isn’t always a topic that’s addressed during the early phases of an installation.

When it’s time to take down an installation in retail interiors, both permanent and removable graphics need to be removed painlessly. Graphics that are difficult to remove can create a mess, add additional work, and increase the length of the job. Removability becomes even more important for large installations, especially when new graphics need to be applied in a short period of time.

During installation, some glass may be previously topped with anti-reflective or scratch resistant films. These can make removal difficult. However, the most important factors are materials that constitute the film and the adhesive of the graphics themselves.

Vinyl Graphics

Printed window graphics made with vinyl have some benefits. Vinyl is relatively inexpensive. It’s also a destructible film that can be discarded safely once it’s removed. Depending on the applications, some organizations prefer this material because it negates the risk of anyone attempting to reuse the sign in an act of fraud.

Vinyl is also durable and long-lasting while it’s installed. However changes in climate or the direct impact of the elements can make removal more complicated.

Vinyl graphics can take a great deal of time and effort to remove. They often come off in pieces that are tedious to deal with. Additionally, removing vinyl sometimes requires special tools and solutions before the glass is completely cleared.

It’s best to think of vinyl graphics as semi permanent. They are commonly used in storefronts to display information that won’t likely change, such as store hours.

Removable Polyester Graphics

If you’re building an installation with removability in mind, polyester films may be your best choice. Polyester films usually come off in a single sheet, making them much easier to remove than vinyl. They are ideal for installations that are likely to change within a year.

Depending on your need, you can choose polyester films with permanent or removable adhesive. You can even use non-adhesive materials for many reverse print applications.

If you intend to use eco-solvent ink during printing, look for optically clear polyester film that is produced with a print receptive coating that accepts eco-solvent ink.

Consider Removability When Choosing Printed Window Graphics

When you’re choosing window graphics, it’s important to put the entire project into perspective. From installation to removal, consult with a printed window graphics specialist to find the best choice of films for your desired application.

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