Complete Your Architectural Window Design with Decorative Film

April 04, 2018

large architectural window design depicting two women at the Chicago History Museum

Architectural grade windows offer numerous benefits over typical windows, including improved energy efficiency, higher-quality materials, and finer aesthetics. And although they often mimic historical window styles, architectural windows do so with unparalleled quality and resilience. With the right materials, such classic window styles can be adapted to blend with contemporary designs.

Windows are one of the most expressive and vital elements of a building. If you’re working on a new architectural window design or your current project just needs something more, consider using decorative window film to enhance your design.

Often thought to be the purview of storefront windows, window films offer a range of benefits for contemporary buildings, including glare reduction, UV filtration, privacy, decoration, and style. Windows are meant to coincide with the overall architectural aesthetic of a building. Window films can contribute to that aesthetic, providing practical benefits while doing so.

Creating Attractive Windows

While you want to compel outside observers to admire your architectural window design, you also want your design to be aesthetically pleasing to those inside the building. Decorative films provide a unique opportunity to blend aesthetics and practical benefits for both building occupants and passersby.

Window films can be printed to incorporate almost any design or color you choose. They can also be frosted, tinted, and inlaid with high-definition images. Ideally, you can create a window that harmonizes interior colors and styles with the exterior, both in terms of the building itself and the surrounding landscape. As windows act as a layer between interior and exterior, they are an ideal canvas for expressing ingenuity, creativity, and style.

Combining Form and Function

Although large architectural windows invite people too to look inside and admire a building, those eyes may be looking into the building as well. Decorative film gives building occupants more privacy without sacrificing style. They can also protect occupants and furniture from harsh UV light.

Many of today’s window films include materials that are compatible with the latest inkjet technologies. Window films can be printed using UV curable inkjet printing, which is generally faster and less harsh than traditional printing methods. Window films can either be permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary, with easily-removable “static cling” properties.

Many decorative films are also designed to be scratch resistant, or a layer of scratch resistant film can be placed overtop another design. Such overlays are ideal for large architectural windows that span the length of a wall, reach the floor, or are meant to be opened and closed frequently. All these capabilities can be combined for a window of fine aesthetic, form, and function.

Complete Your Architectural Window Design with Digital Window Graphics

The LINTEC Digital Window Graphics product line is a perfect addition to your material library. Our decorative film can bring any space to life, including conference rooms, offices, homes, schools, public buildings, and high rises.

Architectural windows can take on traditional forms or combine ultra-modern aesthetics for enhanced functionality and unparalleled beauty. Include LINTEC Digital Window Graphics in your next architectural window project to create a sense of drama and style.

How Architects Can Create Inspiring Architectural Window Designs

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