Introducing Protect Satin Window Graphics

May 05, 2019

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There is a time when having a glossy and reflective window surface is ideal, but there are also times when it’s not. If you’re trying to set-up a window display that’s not reflective, but rather, cuts back on the shine in favor of a balanced finish between glossy and matte, then Digital Window Graphics has a product for you.

With Protect Satin —a matte overlaminate window graphic—designers can apply a graphic to their windows that won’t have a glossy, shiny finish. This can be great for offices looking to present a solid-colored logo on their window, or for a retail store hoping to attract the attention of an onlooker with a sharp graphic design.

Here are just a few of the features this new and unique product can offer:

A Satin Finish

Sometimes, when displaying a window graphic on a wall, window, or other architectural objects, the shininess of glossy graphics may not be wanted. This is where Protect Satin graphics come into play. They not only have a high coat weight adhesive that wraps around the relief height of UV Ink Jet prints, but they also have an aesthetically appealing non-glossy, satin finish.

This finish possesses a sharp luster that helps enhance your graphic images with striking sheen and definition. These graphics will also retain their vibrancy during all hours of the day.  

What makes this product so distinct from other laminate graphic films is that when you place this on top of a solid black it stays in its original color whereas other films would often turn blacks gray. Satin graphic films keep blacks as close to their original form as possible for stark colors and vibrancy.

Scratch Resistance

There are few things more distracting than a jagged scratch marring a smooth glass surface. While there are ways you can preemptively attempt to remove or reduce scratches from occurring on your window surfaces, there’s not a foolproof approach just yet. Instead, your best bet for glass protection comes from prevention.

Thankfully, LINTEC’s Protect Satin window graphic has a protective topcoat that helps prevent scratches. Window graphics are designed to withstand the usual kind of wear-and-tear associated with glass surfaces, but these Protect Satin designs go a step further and really prioritize durability. And since they’re entirely customizable, designers can design a graphic that’s unique to them.

If you’re interested in learning more about how LINTEC of America’s window graphic designs can help improve your glass surfaces, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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