When Should You Use Scratch-Resistant Window Film?

November 11, 2018

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Whether it’s in your home or your office, scratches are some of the last things you want to find on your window surfaces. They’re distracting, can damage your window’s durability, making them more prone to future damage or even breaks, and are never fun to deal with. With scratch-resistant window films, you can preemptively prevent scratches and rest easy knowing that your windows are safe and secure.

How can you tell if your windows need scratch-resistant window film though? Should all your windows use them? Just some of them? With the following tips, you can educate yourself on the kinds of window scratches you should be on the lookout for, the best ways to treat them, and why investing in protective UV-curable window films is never a bad idea.

Types of Window Scratches

While a scratch of any kind of is rarely ideal, knowing what kinds of scratches your glass surfaces can experience is a good first step toward deciding whether or not you need some protective window film. There are generally considered to be four simple “types” of window scratches:

  • Minor: Can only be seen from specific angles  

  • Moderate: Not deep, but can catch the edge of a fingernail

  • Heavy: Deep enough to be felt by your finger and are fairly visible.

  • Extreme: Severe and deep scratches that can be seen from a distance.

While you can sometimes repair a minor scratch on your own, the other three types will often need a professional in order to be fully repaired. Left untended, however, even a minor scratch can grow worse and become a more series and noticeable problem.

Preventing Scratches

There’s no universal trick for avoiding any and all chance of a window scratch, but there are some things you can do to help protect your glass surfaces from harm.

For example, simply keeping your surfaces well-cleaned can be one of the best ways to protect from surface damage. Always make sure you use products that are explicitly labeled with “safe for glass,” and stay away from napkins or paper towels, as those can leave subtle imperfections on the glass if used incorrectly. Instead, use a cloth to wipe down your windows, as it’s a gentle material that won’t affect the glass in a negative way.

Scratch-Resistant Window Film

However, arguably the best option you have for scratch prevention is the installation of window film. Whether you’re installing a digital window graphic in an office space or adding a frosted tint to your home windows, LINTEC Digital Window Graphics can help you prevent scratches and add a nice touch of color or style to your windows.

Window films are designed to withstand the usual wear-and-tear associated with windows and glass, and there are both permanent and semi-permanent options available for you. A proper installation is paramount to scratch prevention. They also come in a variety of thicknesses, so you can design a graphic that’s not only visually unique to you, but also uniquely able to protect your glass surfaces from whatever kind of scratch you can imagine.

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