How to Use Office Glass Partition Designs in the Workplace After COVID

August 08, 2020

office glass partition designs

Even as the country reopens, it feels like it will be a long time before we get to see what life after COVID-19 is like. This rings especially true for the companies that have been working from home and are now moving back into the office. But what does that process look like? What kind of precautions can offices take to protect their employees?

Unfortunately, there’s not a single, universal answer, but there are a few tools that offices can take advantage of. One of the most common takes the form of office glass partitions. It’s pretty clear that the open office format isn’t going to be a standard layout anymore, but many offices are still set up with that open design in mind. That’s where office glass partition designs can help.

4 Ways to Use Your Office Glass Partition Designs

Setting up some office glass partitions is one of the primary ways companies are addressing COVID-19 in their offices. For example, Primo Orpilla, cofounder at the interior design company Studio O+A, said to Fast Company that “you should expect to see Plexiglass, and other dividers, rise up, creating walls around desks.”

While these barriers will make it slightly more challenging to enjoy the benefits of an open office, for the time being, they’re a necessary resource to ensure the continued health and safety of the workforce. To help you take full advantage of your office glass partition designs, we’ve spotlighted four of the best ways they can be used. 

To Maintain Social Distancing

Even if everyone in the office is wearing masks, you’re still going to want to establish some social distancing standards. Staying distant is one of the most proven ways to curb the spread of COVID-19, so the more separated your employees are, the less exposed they’ll be.

The CDC recommends that employers install “transparent shields or other physical barriers where possible to separate employees and visitors where social distancing is not an option.” With the barriers an office glass partition provides, you can keep your workforce separate without isolating them from their coworkers.

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To Convey Safety Guidelines

Adapting to this new normal isn’t always easy, and there’s going to be a transitional period where you and your office will have to adjust to the guidelines you implement. Instead of relying on your entire workforce’s memory recall, why not try decorating some of your new office glass partition designs with helpful reminders?

With the window graphic films that LINTEC offers, you can install a series of graphics or text to remind workers to wear their masks, stay six feet apart whenever possible, and wash their hands as often as they can. This is an unobtrusive and helpful way to keep safety at the top of everyone’s mind.

To Keep Spirits High

There might be some stress in the office after your employees start coming back. Instead of ignoring these uncertainties and apprehensions, address them head-on. Your office will now be full of office glass partition designs and units, so use them as a canvas to express your gratitude for their hard work. Even something as simple as “Thanks for being a part of this team!” can help lift your team’s spirits and keep morale up during this adjustment period.

To Help Employees Get Used to the Office Again

“As the first wave of workers adjust,” Steelcase says, “organizations can start implementing changes to reconfigure the workplace that will feel more natural and allow more people to return.” Office glass walls and partitions may feel unusual at first, but the more time you spend with them—and the more inventive you get with your office glass partition designs—the easier it will be for your employees to get used to being in the office again.

If you have any questions about the window graphic films LINTEC of America offers and how they can help improve your office in the wake of COVID-19, get in touch with us today!

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