Protect Public Spaces With Anti-Graffiti Window Film Overlaminates

June 06, 2024


Graffiti is far from a new problem. However, it’s also an escalating—and expensive—one. In fact, graffiti cleanup costs cities across the United States a staggering $12 billion total every year. And that’s not even getting into the costs to communities, businesses, and service organizations in terms of lost customers and revenue.

Take a closer look at the toll graffiti may be taking on your university, museum, hospital, or other entity and why the problem may be increasing. There are also a few proven steps you can take — such as anti-graffiti window films — to keep your space graffiti-free.

Is Graffiti Hurting Your Organization?

While some people think of graffiti as art, it is often a deterrent to visitors in public spaces. When properties, signs, public transportation, and other locations are tainted by graffiti, it can give the impression that areas are not only run down and neglected, but also potentially dangerous. As such, visitors may avoid graffiti-affected businesses, organizations, and services. In addition to resulting in an immediate drop in customers and revenue, this can also lead to lower property values over time.

Some other things to know about graffiti’s impact on your business? It’s more common during warm weather and also rises during difficult economic times.

Not to mention that if you don’t have the resources to dedicate to constant prevention and cleanup measures, it can keep happening again and again. In fact, research shows that creating graffiti can actually be addictive, and vandals may return again and again for the thrill of it.

The Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Window Films & Overlaminates

If you've been searching for an easier way to prevent graffiti than constant vigilance and 24/7 security, anti-graffiti window films are an effective solution. While not designed exclusively as an anti-graffiti film, LINTEC of America’s Protect Satin overlaminate offers a multitude of anti-graffiti features, including excellent durability and easy-clean properties. In fact, common acrylic solvent spray paints will scrape right off it!

Other benefits of LINTEC's Protect Satin overlaminates include that they are anti-glare, anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, and true to color. Even the darkest colors maintain their original dark hue when covered with Protect Satin. Additionally, these protective window films boast a unique finish balancing glossy and matte, making it an excellent choice if you’re not looking for a reflective window surface.

Looking to see Protect Satin LINTEC of America’s Protect Satin Window Graphics in action for yourself? Just watch the video below (If you’re short on time, skip straight to the 6:49 mark and observe the anti-graffiti properties in action for about a minute):

LINTEC of America is a premier manufacturer of window films, including high-performance window film overlaminates with anti-graffiti properties. From helping organizations defend against graffiti and its effects to improving the sustainability of buildings, LINTEC offers modern businesses powerful partnerships in terms of both form and function. To get started, request your free quote today.

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