Stay Lease-Compliant With Removable Office Window Decorative Films

June 06, 2024


While leasing a building has its benefits, the ability to design the space of your dreams is not one of them. You may want to alter exterior windows, conference room walls, or glass doors/partitions for various reasons: reduce sun glare, add privacy, add UV ray protection, create a more creative work environment, or personalize the space. However, you can’t permanently alter the glass. Between staying compliant with building codes and keeping the building manager happy, tenants can feel limited in terms of their design options.

That’s where removable office window decorative film can provide flexibility, convenience, and no risk to your lease. Offering all the benefits of permanent window films and other permanent glass branding options, window decorative films that are easily removable make for a simple and smart solution.

The Benefits of Removable Office Window Decorative Films

There are many pros to personalizing exterior windows, glass conference room walls and windows, and glass doors and other partitions, from aesthetic reasons like branding and inspiring creativity to functional reasons like enhancing privacy and reducing glare.

However, if you’re leasing your office space, you may feel like you’re unable to take advantage of these benefits because you can’t make any permanent changes. Removable window decorative film mitigates this concern by offering access to all the upsides of permanent window frostings, etched glass designs, and other irremovable solutions with the added benefit of impermanence. 

These films are designed to be temporary, but that doesn’t mean they won’t last. Decorate your windows with your preferred designs or logos for multiple years. When your lease is up, all you have to do is remove the office window film, and you're good to go.

Why Polyester Removable Office Window Decorative Films are the Best

All removable office window film products aren’t created equal. If you’ve been trying to choose between vinyl and polyester window graphics for your business, you may be wondering: which is better?

As experts in all things office window privacy film, we can tell you that removability makes polyester a clear winner. Not only does polyester window film excel in terms of performance, but it also removes easily and cleanly—unlike vinyl, which has a tendency to tear off in strips and leave behind messy and frustrating residue.

In fact, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for how to remove window film and use proper installation and removal techniques, your polyester window graphics will peel back with little effort and minimal adhesive transfer.

UV exposure is one more thing to keep in mind when selecting decorative window films for your office space. While it’s true that high levels of UV light can complicate the removal process by causing adhesives to bond more strongly to the glass, a UV-blocking product is a simple fix for graphics in sunnier spots.

How to Remove Stubborn Window Graphics

If your graphic will not be removed easily, you can often use the simple 3-step method below to remove it. This is called the “sweating” technique: 

  • Spray a standard solution of warm water and soap on the graphic.
  • Use a release liner or film mask to keep the fluid from dripping away or drying off for a minimum of one hour.
  • Remove the film!

The fluid will soak through the polyester and loosen the adhesive, allowing you to cleanly and comfortably remove the graphic from the glass.

Just because you lease your office space doesn’t mean your business and its employees and customers can’t enjoy the look and feel of custom glass. Offering customizable high-quality removable window graphics for businesses, LINTEC of America can help you enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your leased office space.

To learn more about Digital Window Graphics from LINTEC of America, request your complimentary quote today.

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