Selecting the Best Decorative Window Film for Privacy

October 10, 2021

Increasing privacy in the work environments has become a major concern in the open offices of today. Study after study has shown the potential for reduced productivity in environments that lack privacy. Glass fishbowl conference rooms, glass partitions or doors, and other transparent barriers are not without remedy, however. They provide a canvas for decorative window films that can both improve privacy and aesthetics in the office at the same time.

If you’re selecting a decorative window film for privacy, use these tips to find the ideal material for your purpose:

Frosted or Patterned Films are Effective and Discrete

A simple frosted window film is an effective solution for providing privacy while also allowing natural light to illuminate a space. There are actually many discrete but aesthetically pleasing options, however, ranging from interesting brushed or blurred textures to geometric patterns or even gently sweeping graphics of colorful shapes. It’s not necessary for a window graphic to be a photographic image that attracts attention — just as many decorative window films support the design of a space and create privacy in more subtle ways.

Colorful Graphics Create Ambience

Decorative window film graphics can also create sweeping scenery or super-sized imagery for a themed and vibrant space that reinforces your office’s personality and inspires your employees. Consider the impact of a conference room make-over with a graphic of a pristine mountain range providing privacy from the surrounding environment. Instantly, your “windows” into the outdoors have transformed the room into a natural refuge and an expansive thinking space for all inside.

Dynamic Privacy Films Control Viewing Angles

Some varieties of decorative window film for privacy can actually adjust their level of privacy with the viewing angle. Our innovative VisionControlFilm®, for example, gradually shifts from frosted to completely clear as you pass by a window, obstructing view only from specific angles (chosen at the time of purchase). This can be an effective way to reduce glare from the evening sun while allowing a clear view of the street below. You could also use it to enhance the privacy in a meeting space while preserving desirable viewing angles or natural light.

Imagine the Possibilities

Come and browse our portfolio at LINTEC Digital Window Graphics to draw inspiration and visualize the possibilities for your own space. Window privacy films don’t need to be boring and flat. Keep your space alive while catering to the level of discretion and comfort you need with an effective application of decorative window film for privacy.

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