The Best Equipment for a Modern Conference Room

September 09, 2018


As office spaces continue to evolve, conference rooms need to evolve along with them. Where once all you had to have was a good-sized table and some chairs, if your modern conference isn’t outfitted with the relevant technological upgrades, your meetings will be less effective, more cumbersome, and ultimately a step back from the kind of progress and productivity that today’s modern sensibilities require.

To help you ensure your conference is equipped with all the modern features it needs, here are 5 of the most useful pieces of equipment you can stock your modern conference room with to guarantee that it’s the most effective and versatile space it can be.

Wireless presentation tools

A conference room that relies on wires and cords is a hassle. With everyone’s devices likely relying on different kinds of technology, finding all the adapters you need is an an additional complication you just don’t need. Instead, try adopting a wireless approach. When you remove wires from the equation, you make the presentation process smooth and seamless, allowing anyone and everyone to take charge of a presentation with a simple click-of-a-button.

SMART board

Whiteboards have been a staple of conference rooms for years. They allow you to process ideas visually, take notes for everyone to see, and track the progress of the meeting. However, a whiteboard is limited in its abilities, and as useful as it is, modern conference rooms require something more adaptable if they hope to be truly conducive to the creative process.

This is where SMART boards come in. With a SMART board, multiple people can be working in tandem, creating visual aids that evolve with the discussions being had. And with the SMART board’s ability to sync up with a printer, you can even print out physical copies of your projected notes at the end of the meeting for continued evolution.

Transparent, but private, glass films

One of the most dramatic changes office spaces have undergone recently is the shift from the cubicle structure to a more open, fluid set up that encourages employee interaction and collaboration. While this approach has found plenty of success, and rightfully so, it has come at the occasional cost of privacy. For a good conference room, privacy is a feature you want to have available.

However, you don’t want a conference room that is so far removed from the rest of the office that it feels like a different place entirely. How can you keep your meetings focused and distraction free, while still allowing the space to feel interconnected with the rest of the office? The solution is glass film.

Lintec of America has the tools and products to help you make your own custom conference room glass that looks and feels open, while still maintaining a sense of privacy. Our privacy films can be printed in a variety of styles and colors, The materials we offer can be used for all kinds of situations, and are easily applicable to offices, conference rooms, doorways, or elsewhere.

Charging stations

This is an easy, but necessary, tool for any good conference room. Everyone has their phones, laptops, and tablets with them at all hours of the day, and if you want your employees to remain plugged in and engaged in your meetings, make sure they have easy access to charging stations for their devices. This way, they can take notes, follow along, and never become disconnected from the goal at hand.

Video conferencing system

No longer are all your employees sitting at their desks, ready to run down the hall whenever there’s a meeting to be had. With the increased mobility of the workforce, having a conferencing system set up is key, as it allows your employees to join in on any meeting you might have from wherever they are in the world.

You’ll want to make sure whatever system you get is equipped with wi-fi capabilities, so anyone can tap into it as needed, but as long as you have that, there are plenty of options to choose from that will all effectively get the job done.

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