All Systems Are Go For Your Latex Printer With This LINTEC Film

March 03, 2024


When it comes to digital window films, the printing process you use matters. Latex printing is a common choice thanks to its cost savings and ease of use. For a long time, customers would ask if they could use LINTEC of America window film in their latex printer, and we'd always have to say "no."

We’re excited to announce that from now on, we’ll be saying “yes.”

With our new latex-friendly window film, you can take advantage of the quality and reliability of LINTEC of America products. Let's break down what you can expect from this film.

Introducing E-3000ZC: Our LINTEC Window Film For Latex Printers

Because of the nature of the latex printing process, this efficient ink only works on certain types of film. If you use the wrong product, the latex ink won't apply correctly, leading to smears, smudges, and sloppy-looking final pieces. 

Now, LINTEC of America has developed a new film that works with latex printers. The new E-3000ZC film is a 2 mil thick gloss PET film material that’s been optimized for printing with latex ink. You can purchase it in rolls that are 61 inches wide and up to 150 feet in length.

Create bold impact with stunning visual prints on E-3000ZC film, which readily bonds with the latex ink. For the first time, our customers can achieve gorgeous latex designs and results with none of the risks. Even if you also use UV or eco-solvent printers, now you have more options when buying products from us, helping you save time and money.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Latex-Friendly Window Film

While the ability to latex print on LINTEC of America products is a game-changer, you must know its benefits and limitations. Before you do your first print job, keep these factors in mind.

Overlaminates are Recommended to Increase Latex Ink Durability

Latex printing is fast and cost-effective, but the results are less durable than other methods like UV curing. Therefore, it’s recommended to laminate the film to protect the ink and prevent it from running or becoming scratched. LINTEC provides ideal overlaminate products that our print shop customers can use to preserve their latex-printed images and keep them looking great for much longer. While latex prints are well-suited to temporary installations, they can also work well in longer-term installs with reliable protection.

Make sure to incorporate the cost of a window laminate film when breaking down your operational costs. Overall, latex printing with this product still generates savings, but don't forget to budget for the common-sense addition of an overlaminate.

We offer clear overlaminates in a variety of styles and thicknesses, including:

  • Standard: This 1 mil gloss PET will work for most indoor overlaminate applications.
  • Protect Outdoor: Our 1.5 mil clear gloss fluoropolymer (cast vinyl) film is optimized for long-term outdoor applications.
  • Protect Gloss: A scratch-resistant 2 mil gloss PET overlaminate offers sturdy protection for clear latex-printed films.
  • Protect Satin: Need a satin finish for anti-graffiti or anti-glare purposes? Pick the 2 mil Protect Satin overlaminate.
  • Heavy Duty: Our 4 mil gloss PET overlaminate option offers added protection for heavy-duty applications.

Learn more about our products and options in our free product guide.

Clean With Soap and Water

With other printing methods, alcohol or ammonia can be effective at cleaning and revitalizing window films. However, with this particular product, chemicals can actually damage the material and affect the final result. Instead, only use soapy water when it's time to clean each print. If a project will get cleaned on-site, make sure to notify the customers as well.

Use Latex-Friendly Film For Backlit Projects

Besides cost savings, one of the main benefits of using latex printing is that it offers a somewhat translucent effect. For example, you can create a faux stained glass window film that looks like the real deal but without the complicated installation process.

Typically, UV and eco-solvent films have more of a matte finish, while latex looks glossier. So, if you have a project where the design will be backlit (like office windows), now you can utilize your latex printer and deliver a more captivating final product.

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If you're ready to see our new LINTEC film for latex printing, contact us to get a quote for your next order. We're so excited to work with latex printers, and we know you'll be just as excited to see this film in action.

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