So You’ve Got a New LINTEC Window Film Roll. What’s Next?

April 04, 2024

Digital print shops and sign shops have a vested interest in sourcing quality window film rolls. The results for their customers depend not only on a great print job, but a great physical product. 

So — You’ve brought a roll of LINTEC optically clear film into the shop. With our long-standing commitment to quality, this is a great first step and we appreciate your business. However, there are a few things you’ll need to know to get the most out of the many LINTEC Digital Window Graphics products. Here’s what comes next:

Make Arrangements With an Experienced Installer 

Who will install the graphic once it’s off the window film roll and printed? Do they know how to install window film? Have they installed polyester-based window films in the past? A poor installation can mean noticeable cosmetic flaws, reduced service life, or damage to the film itself. Some shops will prefer to handle their product installations in-house, while others may work with a professional installer. Either way, make sure you’re not leaving it to an inexperienced customer or a team member who lacks the proper training and experience.

Talk to LINTEC Experts and Take Pointers

Don’t hesitate to call up LINTEC experts for pointers — we’re full of helpful tips for installing window film and can provide guidance to maximize the beauty of a flawless result. Polyester films install more like a window tint film than a vinyl graphic or decal (which is more soft). As you’ll no doubt notice as it comes off the LINTEC window film roll, these products are more rigid and flat, less flimsy. 

A wet installation is key. There are many types of films that can be installed dry, but they’re typically not optically clear. All LINTEC products must be installed through a reliable wet-apply process that isn’t complicated, but does take care and precision.

Save Waste From Every Window Film Roll For Practice

It’s a good idea to keep small quantities of your excess film on hand from every LINTEC window film roll. Whenever possible, avoid sending a large amount of film to a customer’s installation location right away. It’s best to start each project with a smaller portion to test printing (in the shop) and practice installation (on-site). This will help you ensure that everything is meeting expectations and your customer will enjoy the top quality results that keep them coming back for more.

Understand How Scratch Coatings Work on LINTEC Optically Clear Films

Our popular scratch coatings do great work protecting the integrity and clarity of stunning, optically clear LINTEC products. However, the coating is applied to the surface of the unprinted film you received on your LINTEC window film roll. This means it will be underneath the ink of any print job you complete on top of the film; it cannot protect printed graphics — only the non-image area of the film. Sometimes our customers will purchase pre-printed scratch-resistant films and not realize that the graphic won’t be scratch resistant. 

The solution, if you’re concerned about scuffs and scratches to the graphic itself, is to add an overlaminate film after the image is printed onto the surface. We offer diverse overlaminate products to suit the needs of our various film materials.

When In Doubt, Contact LINTEC!

Our consultation is always complementary. If you ever have questions or concerns about a film’s properties, a particular printing process, or an installation location, don’t wait. Give us a call and we’ll help you get everything straightened out. There’s almost nothing we haven’t seen with these films, and our experience is free of charge. Connect with LINTEC Digital Window Graphics today to learn more or share details about your next project!

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