'Gimme Some of That LINTEC!' — There’s More Choices Than You Think

January 01, 2024

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Once you've seen LINTEC digital window graphics in action, you may have uttered the phrase, "Gimme some of that LINTEC!" It's a popular refrain from our customers, and we love hearing it all the time. That said, it's also important that we clear the air a little bit and dive into the different types of products we offer.

Usually, when someone asks for "some of that LINTEC," they assume there's only one or two different window films available, so there's no need to be more specific. However, we actually have a wide selection of different products that may look similar on the outside, but each one has a unique purpose.

What Kind of Products Does LINTEC of America Have?

Technically, LINTEC of America has 15 different types of optically clear window film. When you look at them side-by-side, they may all look identical, but they use different manufacturing methods to deliver unique results. For example, one option may be made from recycled material to help lower its environmental impact, while another is designed to be as scratch-resistant as possible.

Here's a breakdown of our most popular graphic window films and how they should be used.

UV-Blocking Film

UV rays are more harmful than you might think, both to people and objects within a building. For sun-facing windows, UV rays can lead to skin damage, color fading, and wear and tear on various materials that get bathed in sunlight for hours at a time.

So, UV-blocking window film can help alleviate these problems. We offer two varieties—one for short-term needs and another for long-term applications. Best of all, the UV-blocking adhesive helps protect the graphics, meaning they won't fade or become discolored, even if they're on front-facing windows.

Scratch-Resistant Film

Multiple graphic window films are scratch-resistant, but our most popular version is the E-2100ZC material. This film is designed to be as resilient as possible, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas or exterior applications where wind, debris, and environmental factors are at play. Even minor scratches can ruin the appearance of high-quality graphics, so it pays to use this kind of film.

Recycled Eco-Film

Sustainable architecture is much more prevalent today than in previous years, especially for buildings trying to obtain a LEED certification. LINTEC of America is leading the way by producing top-tier eco-film that is just as versatile and reliable as traditional materials, all without costing extra. Most other manufacturers charge a premium for sustainable options, but we save money in the production process and pass those savings on to you.

Best of all, we offer both 80-percent recycled window film, so you can choose the option that aligns best with your needs (i.e., if you need more LEED points).

Films Designed for UV or Latex Printing

The type of printing you do on digital window film matters. As a rule, latex printing is becoming the norm, thanks to its brilliant colors and cost-effective methods. However, UV printing is still commonplace, and some digital printers may still use eco-solvents.

In each case, the printer has to use the right kind of film to ensure the graphic blends with the material. Otherwise, the ink may not bond with the film, leading to bleeds or distorted images. We understand the requirements of each printing type, so we have film options to match.

And Many More!

We've only scratched the surface (although not literally) of all the different film options available. You can even get a free swatch book to see these options up close and experience the quality for yourself.

Get Some of that LINTEC Today!

Now that you know there are so many window films available, we hope you can be a little more specific when asking for "some of that LINTEC." Instead, you can ask for things like, "Gimme some of that E-2100ZC or some of that ECO-2000ZC!" This way, we know what you're talking about and can fulfill the order accordingly.

Or, you can just tell our sales team what you need, and we'll match you with the correct film.

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