4 Ways LINTEC’s Custom Window Graphics Can Improve Company Branding

March 03, 2020

custom window graphics

Your brand identity should be the backbone of everything you and your employees do. It should inform the way you interact with customers, with each other, and with the company at large. If your company lacks a clear identity, however, then you may find it challenging to make a meaningful impact in your industry.

There are plenty of ways to improve company branding—company retreats to prioritize culture or rebranding your brand’s visual style, for example. But one of the simplest (and most cost-effective, too!) is to make use of custom window graphics. Here are four ways that LINTEC’s customizable digital window graphics can be one of the secret weapons in your company branding arsenal.

Curating a Consistent Company Culture

Company culture should be the glue that binds your employees to your core values. Without a consistent company culture, your team may not know what your brand stands for, and if they don’t know what your brand identity is, then the work they do may not be as impactful as it could be.

While the visual design and layout of an office or retail store can’t carry all the responsibility of expressing a company’s culture, it can (and should) play a significant role in supporting it. For example, if your company specializes in graphic design, then LINTEC of America’s custom window graphics can give your workplace a vibrant aesthetic that aligns with your company culture and encourages creativity in your team’s day-to-day activities.

Standing Out From the Competition

If you’re a retail store looking to grab the attention of someone passing by, or an office trying to brand yourself as a new and exciting place to work, then custom window graphics can be the solution you’re looking for. LINTEC can print storefront window graphics that create clever visual illusions that catch the eye, or we can print textured decals for your office windows that show everyone exactly what your company stands for.

“Sometimes all it takes to catch the eye of prospective customers is a clever window graphic placed in a strategic location,” Small Businesses Do It Better says. Window decals and decorative window films are not only great for retailers, but they also “help offices stand out from the competition.”

Telling Your Story

A company’s story can be one of its best marketing assets if used correctly. People are captivated by stories, so if possible, it can pay (literally!) to make your story a part of your company’s branding and identity. 

With custom window graphics, for example, you can create a one-of-a-kind graphic that takes your office window branding to a whole new level. Window branding is an often overlooked way to market your company, and LINTEC wants to help you design and print decorative window films that tell your story in a way that matters to your customers and your employees.

Supporting Your Brand with Custom Window Graphics 

As this insightful article on corporate branding from Harvard Business Review put it, “When a corporate identity is coherent, each of the other elements will inform and echo the brand core, resonating with the company’s values and what the brand stands for.” 

Custom window graphics are one of the unsung heroes of company branding. Every business, regardless of industry, has windows to take advantage of. So, instead of leaving them bare, start looking into window branding ideas and experience firsthand how a customized visual can attract people to your store or company, reaffirm your values, and make you a more competitive presence in your industry of choice.

How Digital Window Graphics Can Help Revitalize Your Office Culture

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