Why Latex Printing is Excellent for Faux Stained Glass Window Film

May 05, 2024

Color and light, when combined, bring beauty to interior spaces. Faux stained glass window film can bring a special kind of class and beauty to a building. Nothing quite emulates the look of stained glass like colorful latex printing on an optically clear window film. For cost savings over real stained glass and the most effective faux stained glass results, latex printed graphics are the way to go.

Our broad portfolio of LINTEC of America window films include options that are effective with varied printing types, including latex. If that coveted stained glass look is what you're trying to achieve — with geometric patterns, bright graphics, text, logos, or any other imagery —  learn more about the outstanding and translucent print quality that’s possible with latex printed graphics.

Create a Faux Stained Glass Look

The elegance of stained glass may come from the way light passes through it, carrying both color and clarity, but also gently dimming the white light as it takes on a combination of rich hues.

Replicating that translucence (so viewers can clearly see what’s on the other side) is more difficult than most people realize. Latex prints on window film are ideal for translucent printed graphics, such as creating a faux stained glass look. The effect is light-filled building interiors, vibrant colors, and outstanding beauty, similar to real stained glass windows.

  • How does this compare to other printing types? The other main printing process commonly seen in window films uses UV-curable ink, which can also achieve translucence. However, this ink can sometimes be too dense, and the matte texture of a UV print can impact the final results. To get a more authentic effect from your faux stained-glass window film, you need latex printing.

Benefits of Latex For Clear, Colorful Graphics

1. Glossy Finish

Finishes vary on window films, from matte to glossy, depending on printing type. Latex printing provides the shine of a glossy finish which enhances the clarity of the printing color as well as its reflectivity. The end result is an excellent backlit window graphic that shines bright, colorful, and clear.

2. Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors are a hallmark of stained glass windows, so of course, it's important for your window film to feature heavy color saturation. This characteristic of the latex printing process is part of what makes it so popular for backlit signs, which are very similar to stained glass look window film.

3. Clear Lines, Excellent Definition

The leading inside a stained glass window — one of its defining characteristics — divides the colors and provides the definition around shapes that gives the glass its distinctive appearance. Latex printing can easily and convincingly emulate the structured look of stained glass leading.

Try LINTEC of America's New Latex Printable     Window Films

There are other tools and methods that you can use to create the impression of stained glass on your windows, but latex printed films are one of the most cost-effective and convincing. LINTEC’s new latex printable window films is a go-to product for professional printers seeking latex-compatible window films. It's easy to install and compatible with latex printing for beautiful, vibrant results. To learn more, contact us today.

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