UV Blocking Graphic Window Film vs Solar Window Film: Quick Comparison

May 05, 2024

UV blocking window films are one of the leading products on the market for business owners and property owners seeking to decorate their windows, while solar window films serve a much more limited functional purpose. If you're trying to choose between decorative UV blocking graphic window film versus solar window film, it's important to understand these product differences, so you can select the right film for your building.

What Is a Decorative UV-Blocking Graphic Window Film?

Decorative UV-blocking window film is a thin, optically clear polymer (typically polyester-based) that can often feature decorative printed graphics and beautiful, vibrant colors. LINTEC window graphic films are scratch resistant and compatible with UV curable printers, which means that large printing shops can use LINTEC window graphic films for their commercial printing projects.

UV-Blocking Adhesive

LINTEC window graphic films are generally applied to the inside of the window glass with a UV-blocking adhesive. This means there's a layer of adhesive between the film and the glass. This adhesive is what the sun hits first as it passes through the window, and it’s the defensive layer that stops most UV rays from passing through to the building’s interior.

UV-blocking adhesive protects the ink in the printed graphic while also offering some protection for people, rugs, furniture, electronics, and other decor that’s behind the window film. This adhesive is optically clear, not reflective or tinted. In some ways, you can think of this UV-blocking adhesive as a clear sunscreen that protects everything inside the room.

Where to Use Decorative UV Blocking Graphic Window Film

UV-blocking window graphic film is best used on exterior-facing windows, doors, and sides of the building that get a lot of sunlight. It's also a good product to use in areas where people sit for long periods, or where colorful decor is at risk of fading.

It's a good product to ensure the longevity of any printed window graphics.

Benefits of UV Blocking Graphic Window Film

If you own or lease a structure and need a decorative film for your exterior-facing windows, the benefits of UV film for windows are below.

  • Blocks UV rays via the adhesive that holds the window film in place.
  • Window film can be printed with bright, vibrant colors that will last for a long time.
  • Helps prevent or minimize fading from exposure to UV rays.
  • Protects people, furniture, flooring and anything else in the room that would be exposed to UV rays through the window glass.

What Is a Solar Window Film?

A solar window film is a very different type of product that is easily identifiable by the mirror sheen it gives to a window. These window films can block up to 80% of the sun's heat to help save on energy costs. Since they’re reflective, they alter the appearance of the window as a result — but they’re not made to be printed with different colors or decorative patterns, limiting their aesthetic versatility. Solar films are made specifically to improve insulation in structures that have windows with low energy efficiency.


If you own or live in a structure with inefficient windows, solar window films can:

  • Block heat from entering the home or building.

  • Reflect and disperse heat back into the home or building at cold times of year.

UV Blocking Graphic Window Film Frequently       Asked Questions

Can you see the adhesive?

LINTEC of America uses a clear UV window film that is non-reflective and not visible to the eye. This allows you to print on your UV protection window film without concern that the adhesive will impact the appearance of your product (or the window!).

Who benefits from UV blocking graphic window film?

You're a good candidate for UV window films if you have a building with exterior-facing windows that you intend to coat with decorative window film. These films are frequently used in commercial settings for decoration, signage, branding or to create a sense of ambiance or mood — while offering useful UV protection for the graphic and the interior area.

Can windows with window film be cleaned?

You may clean your windows even when window film is attached. UV film for windows from LINTEC of America are designed to be on your windows for a long time. Follow all maintenance instructions that come with the window film.

Is UV blocking graphic window film scratch resistant?

LINTEC of America applies a scratch-resistant, printable coating across the entire web.

How can I learn more about UV window films?

To learn more about LINTEC of America's UV blocking graphic window film products, contact us for a quote, or download our buying guide.

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