Top Tips For Applying Exterior Window Film & Graphics

October 10, 2023


Exterior window films are an excellent way to showcase your business and add style to the building. However, while these films may look stunning, the process of installing them can be a bit tricky, especially for larger windows.

Fortunately, with the right tools and tips, applying an exterior window film doesn't have to be a challenge. Here are some insider tricks to help you get better windows faster.

Apply Exterior Window Films On the Inside

Although these films are designed for exterior use, the best way to apply them is on the inside surface of the glass. This practice makes the most sense because it protects the film and adhesive from the outdoor elements. You also don't have to use scaffolding to apply the film, particularly on multi-story buildings. It's much more convenient to work inside and let the building's layout work for you.

That said, there may be scenarios where the best option is to apply a window film to the outside of the glass. In that case, you need to make sure the film is durable and UV-resistant. By adding this extra protective layer, the film will retain its sharp imagery and stay in pristine condition for longer.

Clean the Surface Thoroughly First

Even if a glass window looks clean at first, it likely has dust and other particles clinging to the surface. These particles can cause problems with long-term bonding and smooth application of exterior window films. Typically, they'll disrupt the adhesion process and the film will start to peel off sooner.

So, no matter how the glass looks, it's imperative to clean it thoroughly before starting the installation process. Also, it's best to clean one window at a time since dust and other allergens are always floating through the air. So, if you clean multiple windows at once, the last one may be dirty again by the time you apply the graphic to it.

Use an Application Kit

The tighter the seal between the film and the window, the longer it will last and the better protected it will be. So, you must remove all air bubbles and press the film as much as possible to fill in any microscopic pores in the glass. The best way to do this is with an application kit from LINTEC of America. This kit has everything you need to do the job right the first time, meaning you won't have to reapply the film sooner.

Opt For High-Quality Film Materials

No matter how well you apply an exterior window film, if you use subpar materials, it won't last very long. LINTEC of America has some of the most durable and long-lasting window films in the industry. If you have to apply the film to the outside of the glass, here are two of the top products we frequently recommend for exterior applications:

LINTEC Protect Exterior (Matte or Gloss)

This option comes with an overlaminate layer that prevents scratches and preserves the UV-resistant ink inside. As a guideline, this material should last between five and seven years.

FAQs About How to Apply Exterior Window Films

Do exterior window films work in winter?

Yes, exterior window films from LINTEC of America aren't negatively affected by cold weather at all and won’t crack or peel in winter temperatures.

Can you put window film on the outside?

Yes, but if you apply a film to the exterior, you must make sure it has an overlaminate layer to protect it. Otherwise, the film will get damaged by weather, vandalism, and debris.

Does window film go on the inside or outside?

For convenience, most window films go on the inside. However, there are instances where that won't work, such as if the glass is tinted or you don't have easy access to the window from indoors.

Order Your Stunning Exterior Window Film Today

LINTEC of America offers a wide array of digital window films, both for exterior and interior use. You can browse our selection of products to get inspired, and you can even request a free swatch book to see these films up close. We don't offer graphic design or printing services, but we do work with many high-quality digital printers.

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