Why UV-Curable Ink is Perfect For Etched Glass Window Film Effects

June 06, 2024


Etched glass started as a way of adding privacy to large plate glass windows, but it’s also a versatile decorating option. Yet retail and office customers are often reluctant to permanently etch windows and other glass displays. The right window film, paired with UV-curable ink capable of a number of effects, creates the look of etching without the commitment or cost. Expanding your use of versatile films from LINTEC of America gives you a chance to create a beautiful frosted effect with minimal effects. Let us help you print Digital Window Graphics that wow your customers with the combination of UV-curable ink and window film.

What Kind of Effects Are Possible?

The variety of polyester window films we produce makes it easy to find the perfect clear or translucent look for the base. Once you add in the satin or matte finish of the UV printing process, it’s easy to get exactly the frosted effect your client wants. You can simulate a wide range of etched-glass looks without obscuring the rest of the glass. Instead of cutting frosted vinyl to create a complex design that showcases clear glass between the graphics, spend a fraction of the time thanks to printing combined with a clear glass window film.

How Can You Make the Most of These Effects?

Printing with a frosted ink effect onto optically clear window film creates lettering, logos, and images without the need for expensive treatment on the actual glass. There’s also no need for the extra work of cutting and weeding graphics by hand thanks to the appearance of clear glass between the printed sections. It’s easy to create positive space designs with UV-curable ink and leave the background clear, or frost the majority of the film and use negative space for the images or lettering. A little creativity from the design team goes a long way in helping your clients make the most of a frosted window film look.

Why Choose a Film Over Etching the Glass?

There are many reasons your client might choose a printed window film over actual glass etching services. Etching is a specialty service that requires dangerous acids or heavy sandblasting equipment that produces plenty of noise and dust. It’s best completed while the building is being built or renovated, while window films are easily applied at any time with no noise and practically no mess. Frosted window graphics printed on optically clear films protect the glass instead of weakening it. They’re easy to keep clean, especially with durable and scratch-resistant UV-curable ink.

There are plenty of color and texture options which aren’t available from traditional glass etching methods. It’s also easy to execute very complex designs with fewer chances of mistakes with placement or cleanup. Thanks to films and inks compatible with wet application methods, it’s easier than ever to prevent bubbles or rippling that could affect the finished look. Frosted window films work equally well for professionally installed projects and DIY self-hung products.

LINTEC of America has eco-friendly window films with high recycled content that are the same price as our other products. There’s no need to spend more to offer your customers the green products they’re looking for today. Our options for window films compatible with UV-curable printing can help you create new products that are affordable and easy to install with great results. Connect with one of our team members to request a quote or learn more about how our films can keep your customers coming back for more.

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