How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Affecting Digital Printing

February 02, 2024

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Artificial intelligence has rolled out across industries. Even in digital window printing, AI is beginning to make its mark, helping designers and printers to get more done with fewer resources. Many architecture and design-related businesses have found advantages in AI’s ability to automate routine and less creative tasks so that professionals can focus on the more inventive aspects of their work. In other words, no, AI will not replace architects and designers anytime soon.

The Impact of AI on Digital Window Printing

Typically, the steps required to make window film designs include creating the design on the computer, printing the design on the film (either with UV or solvent-based printing methods), and then installing the film on the glass. Although AI can't help with installation (yet), it can speed up the process of designing and printing the finished product. Here's a breakdown of how it works.

Faster Mock-Ups and Window Film Designs

AI tools for graphic design have come a long way in recent years. Now, a graphic artist can use AI to generate images within their project. Sometimes, image generators create a finished piece, which can be edited and adjusted by the designer as needed. In other cases, AI for graphic design can create unique elements within a specific file or template.

According to LINTEC’s customers, AI can speed up or enhance the design process. Overall, it's much easier to edit a piece than it is to build it from scratch. Also, if a graphic designer is coming up against a deadline, they can outsource some of the elements to AI to finish on time. Operational efficiency is one of the areas with the clearest opportunity for AI to accelerate workplace productivity.

Finally, artificial intelligence makes it easier to see custom-designed window film in a mock-up. Clients can submit photos of their space, and AI can apply the design to the windows instantly. This way, clients can approve a design before it's even printed and have a good idea of how it will look when installed.

More Precise Printing Methods

Printers are already somewhat complex, but they're even more complicated when printing on window film. For example, UV printers must apply the ink and cure it so that it won't bleed or smudge during the process. AI-assisted printers can work faster and adjust their printing methods on the fly. CEO Antonio Garrido of CJ Technologies reports that  “AI algorithms can analyze large volumes of data to identify errors and correct them quickly and accurately. This has resulted in high-quality prints, reduced wastage, and an overall increase in efficiency.”

These printers can not only work faster, but they may be able to correct minor mistakes or errors while printing for enhanced print quality. Since AI can do this automatically, there are fewer chances of a misprinted final product.

Automated Upkeep and Maintenance

Artificial intelligence is best used for mundane tasks and data analysis. So, when AI is added to the printing process, it can analyze and diagnose issues within the machinery in seconds. Now, it's much easier to identify wear and tear and perform more targeted maintenance as needed. 

As an example, Lexmark includes machine learning and AI models in its Optra IoT Platform. This AI-powered platform has helped Lexmark to achieve 70% remote resolution of support issues and 25% increased profitability via optimized utilization. Rather than inspecting each piece manually, AI can run diagnostics after each print job and notify workers of any repair or maintenance suggestions.

Take Advantage of AI and LINTEC of America Window Films

AI is revolutionizing the world, and digital window printing is benefiting from it. However, while upgrading to the latest graphic design and printing technology makes sense, you must also use top-quality film for maximum impact on building window design.

Window film from LINTEC of America ensures better visual quality and clarity, and it's much easier to install and remove than the competition. We invite you to get a quote for different types of window films to see which ones can help you serve your clients better. Contact us today to find out more.

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