4 Reasons Not to Underestimate the Impact of Building Window Design

January 01, 2021

building window design

Building window design is one of the most noticeable and impactful elements of architecture, both for the outward appearance of a building and for the living, working, or shopping experience of the people inside of it. Here are a few reasons not to underestimate the power of a thoughtful building window design:

1. Window design affects mental & physical health.

Recent studies have shown that effective building window design is able to improve cognitive function as well as overall health and sleep function in employees. The total positive impact from your windows can come from a number of unique individual functions, including:

  • Improved air circulation and quality
  • Temperature control (insulation, ventilation, sun warmth)
  • Allowing natural light into the room
  • Aesthetically pleasing and mood-improving design elements

2. Your building window design is critical to energy efficiency.

Contemporary window glass, advanced modern frames, and newer technology solutions such as UV-blocking or tinted window films can offer incredible thermal performance and insulation compared to older solutions. As Sales and Marketing VP John Bendt of Wausau Window and Wall Systems explained to Building Design and Construction, this is because “better thermal separators, such as glass-reinforced nylon, provide superior insulation through increased aluminum separation and air space in the frames.”

Modern building window design trends have leaned heavily into energy-efficient technologies such as aluminum clad wood, vinyl or fiberglass frames, low-e glass, and eco-friendly insulating window films.

3. Poor window design impacts productivity.

A study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that temperature variations can cause worker performance to decline by 8.9% compared to more stable and comfortable temperatures. One of the cornerstones of good building window design is efficient thermal performance and easy regulation of building temperatures through sun shielding (as with UV-blocking or frosted window films), heating and cooling retention, and improved ventilation.

You can also consider the positive effect that window privacy films can have on employee comfort and productivity.  Effective use of patterned, textured, reflective, or frosted privacy films can control visibility, create separation, and conceal areas not meant for public viewing without feeling intrusive or confining (and while letting natural light pass through!). Glass privacy films are also useful for reducing glare from low-angled sunlight in the morning or evening hours while maintaining maximum illumination compared to blinds or shades.

4. Windows affect much more than the building’s identity...

Your brand identity and company culture can be heavily influenced by effective building window design in a commercial, office, hotel, or retail space. To begin with, the shape, size, and structure of the windows can communicate a vintage, modern, welcoming, relaxing, or professional feel. Branded digital window graphics—logos, on-brand messaging, lifestyle imagery, or decorative patterned elements—can also promote the feel or values of your brand while enhancing the customer, employee, or guest experience.

It’s possible to completely transform glass surfaces and create a highly impactful building window design by deploying glass treatments and window films. You can easily create an upscale feel at a fraction of the cost with films that provide an etched, sandblasted, tinted, frosted, or textured look on plain glass. Artistic graphics can also communicate brand identity or company culture in designs that range from subtle to bold and fanciful. 

If you’re interested in learning more about all the ways your building window design can positively impact your architecture and ambience, we’d be happy to chat! Contact us at LINTEC of America for more info on cost-effective custom window graphics and design solutions.

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