3 Ways LINTEC Can Improve Your Office Glass Partition Designs

February 02, 2021


Glass partitions are a prominent design feature of the modern glass office, as a balancing element between open concept sensibilities and the natural need to divide and define space. As added benefits, they allow the pass-through of healthy natural light and reduce reliance on fluorescent office lights while aiding with social distancing in a time of heightened health concerns. The CDC has even recommended that offices install “transparent shields or other physical barriers where possible to separate employees and visitors where social distancing is not an option.”

Transparent partitions are not all roses, though. The high reliance on glass partition walls for offices can also result in a reduced sense of privacy and a bland, empty-feeling office aesthetic. Fortunately, there are a number of surprisingly cheap office partition ideas you can use to create functional, modern, and eco-friendly office glass partition designs. A quick and easy application of cost-effective, versatile digital window graphics such as the ECO-2000 ZC from LINTEC can go a long way.

Reinforce Your Brand Identity and Culture

A minimalist design doesn’t do much to establish a recognizable brand identity or support a clearly defined company culture for your employees. It’s simple to incorporate digital window graphics to turn the tables on the “glass office” dynamic and turn your office into a vibrant space that really represents your ideals and overall goals.

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Custom window films can adorn glass partitions with colorful graphics that tell the story of your values while still permitting the natural passage of illuminating sunlight.  If your company is all about adventure, you could turn glass surfaces into stunning mountain vistas. If synergy and teamwork are major priorities, consider broadcasting inspiring quotes or mottos in a large, decorative script that matches your brand guidelines.

Your office team will feel more engaged and energized by the brand and culture if they see it all around the workspace. With the right balance of brand-specific design and culture-forward aesthetics, digital window graphics from LINTEC of America can foster employee appreciation and investment in all the things you want your company to stand for.

Encourage a Creative Mindset

Vivid laser-printed images, branded graphics, or creative textures can add a lot of variety and flavor to an otherwise neutral or drab office environment.  Glass is virtually invisible without adornment, but it’s an untapped canvas for the personality and atmosphere of the workspace. Colorful visuals are known to encourage creativity in the workplace.

Consider the potential impact of digital window graphics on collaborative spaces where employees need to feel motivated and creative. Traditional office glass partition designs would make the meeting space blend into the rest of the office, but effective use of decorative window films can turn that space (or even a regular cubicle) into an inspiring spot to think outside of the box.

Provide Privacy and Natural Light

Modern office glass partition design has begun to recognize the harmful effects of reduced privacy in open and all-glass office designs.  Productivity plummets when workers feel constantly scrutinized in a workplace with no limits on visibility—even if they know they’re on task and doing good work.

You can reap the benefits of modern office architecture without the emerging drawbacks by using office glass partition designs with frosted patterns, translucent graphics, or text and logos that obscure part—but not all—of the visibility through the glass. Window films can help glass partitions to inhibit distractions without sacrificing natural light or the open feeling that gives glass its value.

Enhance Your Office Glass Partition Designs With LINTEC

Our textured window films and laser-printed, custom digital window graphics offer you a diverse selection of cost-effective options that are  easier and faster to install than you may think. We produce both permanent and temporary window films, so it’s easy to design fleeting seasonal graphics or lasting, brand-centric imagery as needed. Contact us today to learn more!

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