Design a Better Conference Room with Decorative Window Designs

February 02, 2021


The conference room is like the living room of the office—a focal point, a central space to congregate, and the place where you will gradually develop and reinforce your office “family” dynamic. In this light, a minimalist, glass-walled conference room is really a blank canvas. There’s a well of opportunity on those clear glass walls to express your company culture and set the mood through decorative office design.

Glass conference room windows have come into vogue over the past few decades because they accomplish two things:

  • They permit desirable natural light to pass through the office, which reduces reliance on artificial illumination and supports an eco-friendly aesthetic.
  • The floorplan feels larger, more spacious, and more compatible with the trend of the “open” office.

Unfortunately, there are side effects. The transparent walls essentially cease to exist, making the assembled workers feel like they are in a fishbowl (being watched), potentially reducing productivity, and permitting outside viewers to infer meaning from conversations they are not involved in or even intended to witness.  In addition, too much glass can feel (at first) like it reduces the number of surfaces for decorations that add flair and identity to the space.

Decorative Window Designs Turn the (Conference) Tables

The truth is that conference room windows are an untapped resource. You can solve all of the potential challenges above with purposeful application of decorative window designs. A few simple, fast-applying window film ideas can completely transform your conference room from a bland, neutral space into a vibrant hub of the office with personality and motivating ambience.

Eco-Friendly Flair

Not all conference rooms are in an interior location.  If yours is overlooking a parking lot or faces the side of a neighboring building, the glass walls may be enabling energy-efficient lighting by letting in sunlight, but the view will leave something to be desired.  This is where eco-friendly window film designs like LINTEC’s ECO-2000 ZC can help. The high optical clarity of this facestock not only lets in the beautiful sun, but is made from 80% recycled material and can spruce up the space with a quick application.

Comfort and Privacy

It’s important to balance privacy and productivity in the modern workplace. Various privacy films and vibrant decorative window film designs can be considered to give texture and a degree of privacy to the conference room without fully obscuring light or visibility. Options range from dusted to colored, frosted, textured, or even laser-printed graphics.  All of these options have grown in design popularity in recent years.

Reinforce Your Brand

Your unique brand identity should shine in central locations like the conference room. Adorn your glass conference room walls with decorative window designs like:

  • A vivid, oversized brand logo
  • Fun, attractive, or exciting laser-printed images
  • Inspiring messages or company slogans
  • Textures or patterns using brand-related colors

All of these options can enhance company-specific branding in your office decor, promote a positive office culture, and make the conference room more colorful and appealing—all at the same time.

Need a few more ideas? Browse our portfolio and survey your options. Our team at LINTEC is also available to talk with you further about the opportunities provided by decorative window designs and digital window graphics.

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