3 Examples of Window Film Privacy Applications

February 02, 2023


For many businesses and organizations, privacy is essential for different reasons and situations. However, not all privacy applications are identical. Sometimes, a company needs total privacy from prying eyes, while in other instances, it can be less strict. Decorative window film products like Vision Control Film empowers organizations to be proactive and flexible about their privacy needs. Let's break down how these products work and when to deploy them.

How VCF Can Help With Privacy 

Privacy can be achieved with different methods and strategies. Window films allow organizations to achieve their necessary privacy goals through multiple applications. One typical example is a frosted glass film that allows light to enter but makes it impossible to see through.

How Vision Control Film and Digital Window Graphics Help With Privacy

LINTEC of America offers multiple window graphics and films that can aid privacy. Here are a couple of options we offer:

  • Vision Control Film - VCF shifts the visibility of glass from opaque to clear, depending on the viewing angle. You can control which side becomes visible, including left, right, top, or bottom.
  • Frosted Mistlass - Mistlass is our product line of frosted and textured films many of which are PVC-free.

Examples of Privacy Applications For Window Film

Seeing these window films in action is impressive, but when would your organization have to use them? Here are four scenarios where Vision Control Film or other digital window graphics may improve your needs.

Apartment Buildings

Apartment residents need light and visibility from their windows but also want to avoid strangers peeking in from the outside. Vision Control Film allows residents to see out but prevents people on the street from getting a clear view into the apartment. Even first-floor units can benefit, as passers-by won't be able to look in easily.

Internal Office Glass

All kinds of companies work in office buildings, and some rooms need more privacy than others. Executive offices, conference rooms, and even break rooms can benefit from window film options like Vision Control Film. For example, a top executive can have the glass be clear from the perspective of their desk but opaque for everyone else. This way, the exec can see what's happening while maintaining privacy in the office.

Product Inventory Privacy

Retail stores must make their products available to the public during the day but protect their inventory at night. Typically, clear glass is ideal for front display windows but not necessarily for back offices or other parts of the store. Frosted glass can also be used for fitting rooms or bathrooms where privacy is essential, but natural light can make these spaces more inviting.

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