How Digital Graphics Can Open Indoor Spaces

April 04, 2023

How Digital Graphics Can Open Indoor Spaces

When it comes to digital graphics, indoor spaces often get neglected. That happens because companies think about putting graphics on the exterior windows to bring in customers, but they don't think about how office graphics can change the look of the interior. With that in mind, here are some great ways to use graphics to open up indoor spaces.

Digital Graphics Are Well-Suited for Glass Partitions

Working in a cubicle farm can make employees feel depressed and cause trouble with morale and concentration. In fact, a full 78% of employees in one study said that having access to natural light had the largest impact on their well-being during their workday. By letting in a lot of natural light, many of these problems can be greatly reduced or eliminated. One of the best ways to do that is through the use of glass partitions and digitally printed window film, for both privacy and style.

You want employees to enjoy the light coming into their workspace, but you also want to make sure those same employees don't feel like they're working inside a fishbowl. The ideal floor plan will use a little bit of everything, combining closed-in spaces as well as open spaces and transparent (glass) design elements.

Glass partitions, glass walls, and glass doors are all great ways to let light into the space, even for employees who are working further away from the windows, where their workspace can otherwise feel dark or uninviting.

If you're concerned that glass partitions in the office won't provide enough privacy, window films are the answer. You won't have to worry about basic privacy concerns, because the films will block the specific details of the area, but they're not like solid walls that also reduce light. Especially if your office space doesn't have good overhead lighting, natural light is extremely important.

Obscure Details While Letting in Light

While natural light is an important way to help employees feel happier and more productive, there's also a need for privacy. Depending on the kind of work your employees are doing, that need might be due to sensitive client data, or just because a more private workspace can feel more comfortable.

Digital graphics are the answer when you need a way to create a private workspace without sacrificing light and openness. You can keep your office space feeling more airy and welcoming with commercial window graphics that add color or design but don't block the light from getting into the depths of the office itself.

Obscuring the details behind the glass is an easy way to provide a feeling of privacy and security, and you can use custom window graphics to provide brand-appropriate designs, full-color logos, scenic images, and more. Light will easily pass through the graphics, but you won't be able to easily see what's taking place on the other side of the glass.

Office Graphics Can Creatively Use Negative Space

Negative space is an artistic concept that allows for the crafting of images using empty areas in a design. With "cutout" designs, digital graphics can use negative space to open up your office space and incorporate images while making it more inviting for everyone. These kinds of office graphics allow for subtle peek-through options but still provide a high level of privacy. They can stand out and get noticed by customers, along with providing enjoyment to employees.

With the number of options available, it's easy and convenient to choose digitally printed window film and custom window graphics that meet your needs and goals. You can focus on company-branded glass partitions with logos or patterns, or consider a scenic experience that offers mountains, skylines, or other designs to create a negative space that makes the area feel open.

Ready to get started with the commercial window graphics that will make your office space more private while keeping it open and well-lit? LINTEC of America can help. Download the eBook for more inspiring ideas.

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