What Types of Window Film Can LINTEC Print For Your Company?

October 10 ,2020

types of window film

There are almost as many types of window film as types of windows to place them on. Does your office need a visual boost? Decorative window films are an easy solution. Do you want to add some privacy to the conference room? Adorn the glass walls with frosted window films. Is your glass door getting scuffed from use? Protective window films can keep the surface transparent and scratch-free.

What Types of Window Film Can LINTEC Provide?

No matter what types of glass decoration you’re looking for, LINTEC’s Digital Window Graphics can help you improve your space. Our product catalog has customizable options that will be right at home in an office, residence, retail space, conference room, or hallway; whatever you need, LINTEC can create.

Eco-Friendly Window Films

As environmental friendliness continues to be a priority for companies worldwide (and rightfully so), there has been an influx of products that emphasize eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices. To that end, LINTEC of America is proud to be the only company that currently offers a window graphic film constructed from 80% recycled PET material.   

The ECO-2000 ZC is compatible with today’s modern UV Ink jet printing technologies like the majority of all of our other products. Using on demand printing these can be custom-printed to any design you choose. There is an abundance of plastic in the world, by reusing what is already been used once can't help manufacturers reduce the amount of CO2 emissions they create.

Decorative Window Films

Brand identity can be the deciding factor that sways a customer to shop in one store over another. Company culture is fundamental to how invested an employee feels in the continued success of the organization they work for. In both of these cases, decorative window films can be useful tools to maximize the visual appeal of a space.

LINTEC of America can print decorative window films that are as big or small, colorful or monochrome, complex or simple as you can imagine. We can even print graphics that create visual illusions that change based on the viewer’s angle. Catch a potential shopper’s attention or give your employees a vibrant environment to work in; with decorative window films, it’s all possible.

Privacy Window Films

Windows are popular for a reason. They allow sunshine to come indoors, they provide visibility and transparency from the inside out and vice versa, and they can help promote a sense of “togetherness” in the workplace. But sometimes, you need privacy, and that’s something windows don’t exactly promote.

That’s where privacy window films can help. These versatile and aesthetically pleasing products can fit into any number of settings, such as:

Privacy window films come in countless forms, too. Frosted window films are a classic way to promote privacy without inhibiting sunlight, but printable window film with thick stripes or designs can also act as an effective tool for privacy. 

Permanent and Temporary Window Film

Your brand’s identity is a crucial part of what makes it unique, but it’s not always set in stone. If you find yourself redoing or refreshing your brand, you may want to install types of window film that can be replaced. That’s why LINTEC prints both permanent window films and temporary window film, so you can have your pick.

All our products can be quickly installed by one of our experts, and if you ever decide you need a change, they can be uninstalled easily as well. We know how important your brand is, and we’re committed to providing flexible and customized types of window film that can evolve alongside your brand.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the types of window film we offer and see how you can start creating your own designs today!

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